About RDJ Ministries and

Calvary Faith Church



  • RDJ Ministries was started on July 18, 2004 as Calvary Faith Church (CFC), in a rented hall and with a group of 10 people.
  • Soon the ministry got shifted to a place (owned) located in the heart of Tadipatri, in Krishnapuram 0’road, as the old rented hall couldn’t accommodate the increasing congregation.
  • CFC is the fastest growing church in Tadipatri.
  • Number of people attending Sunday Worship is more than 600.
  • CFC has a branch in Komatikuntla, Yellanur.
  • CFC extends the services to these villages: Mallepalli, Vemulapalle, ShivaNagipalli, Venkatadripalli, Muchukota.
  • At CFC, people are Born-again, Filled with the Holy Ghost, Healed in their Physical Bodies and Prospered Financially, Growing in the Lord consistantly.
  • CFC believes that God will multiply CFC like the stars in the sky, dust of the air and the sand on the shore.

CFC provides lunch for the people who come from distant places.